Leave the complexities of life behind when you set off for your next adventure in a

Blue Rock Caravan Australia. Security of an officially Authorised Australian Dealer and Australian Compliance engineering done in Australia will give you peace of mind of your caravan purchase.

Eight Caravan Models available.

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Vintage Caravans by Blue Rock have captured the free wheeling, fun loving spirit of the 50’s and 60’s with its Vintage Range of light, aerodynamic caravans that use state of the art materials and technology to give you a camping experience that brings together the best of the old and the best of the new.

Sylvan Sport Go Camper.

This US made Camper is now available in Australia through Blue Rock Caravans.

This Camper won the World’s Best Camper Award in 2015.

This definitely is the most universal, go anywhere, do everything, Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers

Carry up to a dozen kayaks, bikes and any combination of camping gear you could possibly require.

It is simply one unbelievable, all in one, trailer. The camper comes with four sleeping pads for the bed as well as an optional awning/porch you can hang off the front door.

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