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Blue Rock Caravans are constructed in the US for our parent company USA RV Importers Pty Ltd.

Blue Rock Caravans - 10 Models Available Luxury Interior of Blue Rock Caravan Blue Rock Caravans Vintage Model 19V Green Blue Rock Caravans Vintage Model 23V Red Blue Rock Sylvan Sport Go Camper

Blue Rock Vintage Caravans.


Vintage Caravans by Blue Rock have captured the free wheeling, fun loving spirit of the 50’s and 60’s with its Vintage Range of light, aerodynamic caravans that use state of the art materials and technology to give you a camping experience that brings together the best of the old and the best of the new.
A Vintage by Blue Rock has all of the up-to-date features you would expect, including a microwave, Bluetooth enabled home theatre system, LED lights, wiring for satellite and solar power.

Take your pick of colour scheme – crimson and cream or teal and cream.
Rediscover the simple joys of camping in a new Vintage by Blue Rock Caravans.

These are some of the comments received during our market research:

"It has every feature we would need, loads of cabinetry, large bath with a full size shower , full size refrigerator and a Queen bed that we can walk around"

"We couldn't wait to take a peek at the inside and we weren't disappointed"

"We were very impressed with the sleek Vintage look and feel"

"The quality and finish is impressive"

Blue Rock Sylvan Sport Go Camper

sylvan go sport camper logo

This US made Camper is now available in Australia through Blue Rock Caravans.

This Camper won the World’s Best Camper Award in 2015.

This definitely is the most universal, go anywhere, do everything, Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers.

Carry up to a dozen kayaks, bikes and any combination of camping gear you could possibly require.

It is simply one unbelievable, all in one, trailer. The camper comes with four sleeping pads for the bed as well as an optional awning/porch you can hang off the front door.

Set up time, even by yourself, is very minimal. You can get out of the rain in about five minutes (and then add time to set up the interior). Set up time, on average, is easily less than 15 minutes and tear down time is even faster.

Once you are ready to set up camp the upper sides of the trailer fold out and are supported by struts. Stabilizer legs swing down from the bottom of the trailer and crank into place to provide a firm foundation.

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Austrailian Caravan Imports by USA RV Importers Pty Ltd Import Brand new Crossroads RV USA and Gulf Stream Coach brand of caravans from America .
As dealers our buying power allows us to sell to you at less than the recomended new retail price. Purchasing a new USA built caravan allows you to readily choose the model, the decor and options. Purchasing from USA RV Importers means we organise the purchase, the transport to the wharf, shipping, customs clearance at this end and ultimately the conversion of the van. Read more here…..
NOTE: Cell caravans are no longer imported in to Australia, Cell caravans are no longer sold at Melbourne Caravan Centre, We at USA RV Importers can import similar vans from the U.S.A and custom build them to suit your taste.
Inquire now. They may just happen to work out cheaper as well. We can even fit ducted vacuum systems convert a bunkhouse model in to an office, you name it we can do it.

Blue Rock Caravans - Simply Stunning!

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                                     Blue Rock Caravans are simply stunning, luxury on wheels!

Just some of the features include - large slide outs, fully insulated and enclosed sub floor ducted heating, 12v powered levelling jacks, outdoor barbecue and an outdoor kitchen and of course the main well appointed kitchen inside. Blue Rock Caravans come standard with Sway Command Anti Sway. A large Dometic 3 way, 12 volt, 240 volt and gas refrigerator, this top of the range unit has all the bells and whistles including automatic selection. Choice of outdoor fridge or washing machine, a strong barrel trussed and insulated roof cavity, a solar package and much much more!

                                                      Blue Rock Caravan Standards.

Non Australian standard items are simply left out at the point of manufacture. Once in Australia, Blue Rock Caravans are completed incorporating Australian Standard Gas and Electrical appliances. Each caravan is engineered to the same standard set and approved for each model by an independent approved engineer.

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